Welcome to Carl Wilde Foundation

CARLWILDE.ORG is currently still an informal foundation which supports innovative, creative and charitable projects. Support can be applied for by means of an informal, electronic application mail@carlwilde.org. Applicants are expected to contribute to the support of CARLWILDE.ORG if their project is a commercial success, which should be described in detail in the application. There is no legal claim to funding.

Below you find projects supported by CARLWILDE.ORG.

Currently Featured Projects: 2

The CarlCAM!

With this cam your video chat becomes a real experience because you can look each other in the eyes. You can find a lot of documents about the "CarlCAM!".

Art Worldwide App

There is a non-commercial App called 'Art Worldwide'. You can see and take pictures from public art works all over the world. Almost 1000 pictures have already been taken. With the buttons below you can install the app for android and ios.

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